How Private Landlords Can Help With The Housing Crisis

It is well documented that there is a shortage of social and affordable housing across the UK. With the total impact of covid on the housing sector still very much unknown, it is clear that issues such as overcrowding, rent arrears and evictions are very much on the rise, placing increased pressure on already stretched local authorities.

The most recent government report identifies that 68,250 English households approached councils for support between January and March 2021. With limited housing available, families who the local authority have a statutory duty towards will likely be placed in unsuitable and expensive nightly booked accommodation.

Nightly-booked accommodation, such as Bed and Breakfast, is not only costly to local authorities, but – as the thousands of families experiencing it right now, know – it creates daily stress and uncertainty that takes its toll. Research shows that the outcomes for adults and children living in this type of accommodation are poor, from academic attainment to physical and mental health.

There is no ‘one solution’ to the shortage of housing available to local authorities with many charities, and industry bodies campaigning for the government to take immediate action. In the interim, local authorities are reliant on securing good quality self-contained accommodation via the private rented sector. It is therefore surprising that many landlords are unaware of the benefits of letting their property via local authority schemes, which provides stability of income on their investment and helps support the ongoing homelessness crisis.

Registered provider of social housing and private lettings consultants, Orchard and Shipman, are the link between private landlords and the local authority.

Orchard and Shipman provide private landlords with a guaranteed rent agreement of up to five years, covering any void periods and take on full management of the property for no fee. Further benefits include full legal protection on any possession proceedings should these be required, providing further security to landlords who may have faced difficulty during the legislative changes imposed during the pandemic.

Giving families a home to call their own for up to five years in many cases provides enough stability for those to find employment, access community support services and even re-enter the private housing market – not to mention the huge positive impact on their health and their children’s education.

Orchard and Shipman have worked in partnership with the London Borough of Bromley since 2011 and recently launched a new campaign calling on private landlords to contact Orchard & Shipman and help provide families a permanent home.

For more information on the Guaranteed Rent Service visit our Guaranteed Rent Scheme web page.

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