Affordable Homes Management Case Study: Haywards Heath

Orchard & Shipman is a long-established private and social sector Housing Manager with a UK-wide property management team. We are a Registered Provider eligible to manage affordable housing provided under Section 106 agreements made with local authorities.

Section 106 affordable homes require a Registered Provider to manage the property, but not necessarily to own it. To help developers/investors who are interested in retaining ownership of Section 106 properties, we offer a range of bespoke services to suit the needs of our clients.

From tenancy and property management through to assuming full ownership risk – including rent arrears, voids, maintenance, and cyclical repairs – Orchard & Shipman can help you achieve your long-term investment goals.

Case Study: Fairfax Properties, Haywards Heath

Fairfax Properties are a well-established medium-sized developer of new homes, providing high-quality schemes throughout the South East. Their reputation for quality, reliability, and excellent customer service led to growth wherein they sought to develop their investment portfolio further with affordable house schemes.

Fairfax chose Orchard & Shipman to act as their Registered Provider for a portfolio of long-term build-to-rent investment of affordable homes in Haywards Heath under the Section 106 legislation.

How did we help Fairfax Properties?

As part of our Affordable Homes Management service, Orchard & Shipman managed the tenancies, the relationship and nomination procedures with the local council, and met the requirements set out by the Regulator for Social Housing for Fairfax Properties’ development of affordable new homes.

Our management service is tailored to meet the exact needs of each client and each development. For Fairfax, their service solution involved: appointing a Contracts Director; finalising the Nominations Agreement with the Council and the client; advising on affordable rental price levels; preparing tenancy documentation and procedures; and creating a tenancy management plan and submitting this plan to the Council.

What did Fairfax Properties think of our service?

Fairfax Properties benefitted from quality estate management and greater control of the development’s public realm and placemaking by using our services.

A representative from Fairfax Properties provided the following testimonial regarding working choosing the Orchard & Shipman Affordable Homes Management service:

“We selected Orchard & Shipman because they demonstrated the commercial efficiency you get from a good private organisation, combined with the experience and caring approach of a social housing manager. We are confident that they have the same approach to excellent customer service and we feel that our reputation is safe in their hands.”

Why choose Orchard & Shipman?

We pride ourselves on our knowledge, expertise, and experience, as well as our kind and caring approach to working with clients and organisations, with a strong focus on providing a service that supports our tenants and safeguards the reputation and investment of our landlords.

With over 30 years of portfolio management experience, we believe that we provide our clients with the best possible property management service for their affordable homes. Our clients receive end-to-end support and advice from our nationwide property management professionals.

Orchard & Shipman’s professional Affordable Homes Management services can help you on your way to the long-term managed investment of owning appreciating, fundable, and saleable Section 106 housing.