How to make a space your own when you can’t put down permanent roots.

It’s important to know what the ground rules are when thinking about decorating your rented property. If you think that the space is in need of a fresh coat of paint, you should ALWAYS ask permission before you make any changes, as most landlords prefer neutral colours and may not want you to decorate their home yourself. There are ways that you can make the space your own without making any drastic changes – please see our tips below:


Investing in some signature or statement accessories such as lamps will provide your space with a bit of your personality. You could buy lamps that have interchangeable shades so you can ‘revamp’ your living space throughout your tenancy.


Accessorising your furniture with statement cushions, art work (you could even paint your own canvas). Be careful with hanging things on the walls as your agreement may prevent you doing so; you could try leaning paintings up against walls as an alternative which could give a more relaxed feel to the room. Other options could be easels or other stands that you could use to perch your paintings on!

Also changing your bed linens can completely change the feel of your room; this is probably one of the easiest ways to brighten up a neutral room.


If you aren’t keen on the flooring in your rented property then rugs are your best friend, they are great ways to add colour to a very neutral room. Or to make wooden or laminated floors a bit more cozy,


Dressing your windows with curtains can make a big difference to the room; you’ll be able to take these with you if you move as well; just remember to keep your landlords curtains in a safe place for when you’re ready to move out.


Quite often you may not have access to a garden when you are renting; especially if you are renting a flat. If this is the case then why not bring the outside indoors and accessorise your place with some plants. If you’re the type to forget to water them then you could always opt for artificial plants.

If you’re ever not sure about what you can do in your property it’s always best to check first to avoid any unnecessary costs for you later down the line.

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